The most popular diets out there

People who are over weight or obese strive hard to reduce their weight as they are very well aware of the dangers of excess weight. Over weight is the predisposing factor for many diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure heart attack and stroke.

Perfect slimming diet and exercise are the best options in the weight reduction. There are many popular slimming diets are available. Let us have a look about them here.

It is always better to consult a doctor who has specialized in the field of nutrition before selecting a diet plan to reduce your weight. It will be beneficial for you, if you could explain clearly your life style and daily routine without any inhibition. So that your doctor will help you to select the most appropriate diet plan that will suit you perfectly.

Atkins’ diet – people get better results with Atkins’ diet. People are likely to lose 15 pounds in a span of six months. The person can eat cheese, meat, butter and egg. There is no need for starvation.

The zone diet – this is a very popular diet plan in Hollywood. This plan is very easy to follow. This plan guides you correctly about the quantity of food to be consumed. For short-term weight loss, this plan is excellent.

The south beach diet – this diet is widely available. This is one of the most popular diets. The person who is on the south beach diet is permitted to eat bacon, cheese and egg. The followers of this diet are likely to lose 8-13 pounds in a span of 15 days.

Protein power diet – this diet plan is based on a nutritional strategy that involves adequate protein, low carbohydrate and healthy sufficient fat. There are three stages of diet. They are phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 [maintenance level]. This diet plan controls the level on insulin by the reduced in take of carbohydrate.

Scarsdale diet – this is the oldest diet plan. This plan is as old as 1970. This diet plan was designed by Dr. Herman Tarnower. This diet consists of 22.5% fat, 34.5% carbohydrate and 43% protein. The snacks are totally avoided. The diet can be only three meals a day, break fast, lunch and dinner.

Cabbage soup diet – this is high fiber low fat diet. The results are much quicker. We must follow this diet only for seven days at a stretch. We need to discontinue this diet for 15 day and can continue for another one week.