Step by step work out for a beginner

People now a day are conscious of their health. They know pretty well that over weight or obesity is the curse and should be tackled as soon as possible. An important reason for the increased number of people becoming overweight is the lack of physical activity and unhealthy diet practices.Though you have decided to reduce your weight at any cost, getting started is not at all easy. Here are some step-by-step exercise programs if you are a beginner.

1 st day– you can start with cardio exercises for about ten minutes. You can walk on treadmill for few minutes. You can do floor exercise for another few minutes may be for 5 minutes. Try stretching your neck, back, legs and arms. Then do again cardio exercise like stationary cycling for few minutes [15 -20 minutes]. Then walk on the treadmill for few minutes, preferably 10 minutes. Do five minutes stretching there after.

2 nd day– cardio and strength exercise- walk on tread mill for 5 minutes. Perform stretching for 10 minute. Do rowing for 15 minutes at moderate speed. Do strengthening exercises like weight lifting and pulling down the weight for few minutes followed by cool down exercise and stretching.

3 rd day– swimming – we need to walk for few minutes before swimming. Swim for ten minutes slowly followed by swimming for 25 minutes at moderate speed. Mild cool downexercise must be done for 5 minutes followed by stretching exercise for 5 minutes.

4 the day-do strengthening exercise for 10 minutes. Then we need to do stretching exercise for 5 minutes. For 30 minutes we must do strengthening exercise like push ups and biceps curls. We can do mild speed walking on treadmill for 10-15 minutes followed by stretching exercise for 5 minutes.

5 the day – cardio and strengthening exercise- warm up exercise must be done for 5 minutes like staircase climbing, jogging etc. Stretching exercise for 10 minutes must follow this exercise. Aerobic exercise must be done for 15 minutes like walking on the treadmill at moderate speed. Strengthening exercise [like push ups and weight lifting] must be done for 30 minutes. Then we must do cool down exercise like mild speed walking for 5 minutesfollowed by stretching exercise for 5 minutes.

6 the day – This must be rest day. We should relax and there should be no exercise.

7 the day-home exercise- warm-up exercise like jogging on the spot must be performed for 5 minutes. Stretching exercise must be done for 10 minutes. Stretching of leg, arms, and neck must be done. This should be followed by home aerobic exercise for 25 -30 minutes. Finally cool down exercise for 10 minutes followed by stretching exercise for 5 minutes has to be performed.

We can repeat these exercises week after the week till we get the desired results.