Nutrition TPN

TPN or Total Parenteral Nutrition is a life saving nutrition technique that can help you if your digestive system stops working properly for some reason. nutrition TPN give you all your nutrition through a drip that goes into a major vein in your body. The drip contains all the essential nutrition like carbohydrates, vitamin b-17, minerals, proteins and even fat.

Due to its limitations TPN is not as fast as eating. You may have to wear the drip for 10 to 12 hours in a row, even daily. This depends on your specific nutrition needs. Although TPN is usually administered in hospitals by trained personnel, it is possible to administer TPN on yourself with a little training.

Nutrition TPN has an effect on the digestive system and in extreme cases can cause the entire digestive system to fail. That is why doctors take extreme care to make sure that the digestive system gets some action too if possible. That is why it is recommended not to get absolutely dependent on TPN for all your nutrition needs.

TPN is a miracle for many patients who suffer from diseases that prevent them from ingesting nutrients the regular way. For some it is the only way to continue living and in that respect the technique is truly a lifesaver.

It is not however a method to supplement daily diet. If your digestive system works fine and you are able to ingest food then dietary supplements should be used to get as nutrition as you can instead of using TPN. Though it is safe to use TPN if you continue with your regular diet as well.

Do consult your physician before you start using TPN. He or she can check whether you can receive TPN nutrition without any complications…