McDonalds nutrition facts

Are you a victim of the super size me scare? Or do you still think that a big mac is the most nutritious thing on the planet? Don’t be mislead by negative publicity or even by positive advertisement. You need to get the facts and understand them before you make a decision. Here are some Mcdonalds nutrition facts. Food is what goes into it. Plain and simple truth. If you make something out of wheat, potatoes and oil, you will definitely get a lot of carbs and fat. That is what a standard burger sounds like. Of course a burger is fattening, because it has carbs and fat. But some burgers are less fattening than others.

If your burger is made using low quality, fat free oil, it can make a lot of difference to its nutrition quotient. This is what McDonalds is trying to do these days. Mcdonalds nutrition facts say that the company is overhauled its menu, and now adds a lot of greens and salad item to give customers the option to eat really healthy. McDonalds now lets customers see a nutrition chart that tells them exactly what they are eating. The chart lists carbohydrates, fat, vitamin and mineral content for all of the McDonald’s menu. This is something that you must check out before you place your next order at McDonald’s. It won’t tell you about the IU of vitamin A in Accutane, but short of that it will tell you everything.

However, it is true that what you eat decides how fat you are. Even at McDonald’s you can find preparations made from vegetables, and greens that are very healthy. Just stay away from the greasy stuff and all those sweet colas. Instead opt for the salads, the wraps and iced tea…