Harmful side effects of creatine

If you have been going to the gym regularly there is no way you could have missed the buzz on Creatine. The drug that is supposedly giving guys all over the world huge bodies in no time at all. Don’t get mislead by the hype. There’s much more to building a big body then taking a lot of supplements and some wonder drug. Work out, eat well, and rest a lot, that is the secret of body building. But don’t be mislead by those who say that there are harmful side effects of creatine. The truth is that if taken in prescribed doses Creatine will not harm your body, in fact it will just aide in muscle growth.

Extensive experiments have been performed to prove that Creatine is not as bad as it is maligned. The only documented side effect of Creatine was increase body mass, and that is something that every body builder covets. Yes Creatine does cause water retention in the muscles, but that is not a cause for alarm. The only effect it will have on your body is to make your muscles seem bigger. Is that a bad thing? Just remember to see the box and take Creatine in the recommended dose and trust me there will be no harmful side effects of creatine.

Body builders who take Creatine have reported that they have more energy and power. They are able to lift heavier weights and feel lesser fatigue. This is a key factor in giving you more muscle mass. Although there are some people who say that Creatine interferes with the heart or with the Kidney, there is no evidence to substantiate that claim. Right now it is safe to assume that Creatine is safe. Creatine is safe to take with many drugs too. In fact you can even take it alongside rev diet pill if your physician allows it. Do check to make sure you are not allergic to this combination first though…