30 Diets Around The World

Atkins is a low carbohydrate, high fat diet developed by Doctor Atkins. Besides loosing weight the Atkins, diet helps improve your memory functions, heart health providing many additional health benefits. Here is how it works: in order to have the daily energy to function properly our bodies…

Beverly Hills diet
The Beverly Hills diet combines different types of food in order to loose weight. The Beverly Hills diet was a mainly fruit diet but a new version of this diet has recently appeared, meting all the demands and standards impose by the Senate (of the USA). When it first appeared, the diet forbade…

Blood type diet
The blood type diet is a diet based upon your blood type. Invented by Doctor D’Admano this diet is not necessarily a weight loos one and has a long list of food restriction for each blood type. The main idea is this: you should eat accordingly to your blood type thus; type A should eat fruits, vegetables, high carbs, and low fat food….

Cabbage diet
The cabbage soup diet is best to be used for short periods. Even though, this diet it not proper for long-term weight loss it is good for rapid weight loss mainly due to the low calorie properties of the cabbage. Cabbage is low on fat but has nutritional value being rich in vitamin C, iron and high-fibbers….

The Cyberdiet is actually a computer generated meal plan pertinent to both underweight and overweight people. The composition of the diet depends on what diet type you choose. Anyway, you should know that all diets are based on healthy high nutrition food. On the official site for…

Ediets are online meal plans generated by computers. Ediets had been around since the beginning of the internet and had been voted “Best of the web” in everything concerning diets, healthy nutrition and physical exercises. Even though the site is full with commercial ads the content is…

Fit for life diet
Fit for life is a diet that combines different types of food in order to achieve weight loss. The main idea of this diet is that there are “dead foods” (slowing the digestion and consuming energy) and “living food” (helping digestion)…

Jenny Craig diet
The Jenny food diet is a low calorie diet combined with exercise and support to keep you motivated. The Jenny Craig diet is quite expensive mainly because you are require to eat pre-packaged Jenny food at every meal for…

L.A diet
Seth Roberts a professor at Berkley developed the LA diet also known as the Shangri diet. The LA diet is a weight loss plan concentrated on eating small amounts of insipid food such as olive oil or sugar water in order to bring weight under control. The idea is this: the daily food we consume, the flavour and the presentation has created…

Mayo clinic diet
The Mayo clinic diet is a low carbohydrate high fat diet. Many people believe the doctors working at the Mayo clinic issued this diet, this is absolutely wrong because the Mayo clinic has not certified or endorsed the diet. Even though the diet has been around for more than 60 years many believe, it is just a big hoax. Anyway, here is a brief explanation about how the Mayo diet works. While on this diet you…

Mediterranean diet
The term Mediterranean diet covers a large variety of diets since there are over 16 countries surrounding the Mediterranean not to mention that diets from different regions of the same country can vary. Anyway, most of the Mediterranean diets follow a similar pattern having alike characteristics….

Nutrisystem is a service that provides pre-packed food and online support in order to help people lose weight. The advantage of this diet is that you no longer have to count calories because there are people who are doing that for you. The idea behind this diet is: if you really can’t stop eating carbohydrates than try to eat the “good” ones….

Optifast is a medically overseen low calorie formula. Even though Optifast is only available in USA and Canada, it is a therapy applied in many hospitals and clinics for people suffering from obesity and other weight related problems. The Novartis Medical Corporation designed this program for those who are in a continue…

Pritkin is a low fat high fibber diet developed in the 50s and was initially designed as a program that prevented heart diseases. Besides the diet, the Pritkin program also includes physical exercises (a minimum 45 minutes walk a day) and meals that contain maximum 400 calories per pound….

The Vegetarian Diet
With the right planning, a vegetarian diet will meet the nutrition requirements and in the same time, will reduce the risk of obesity and lower the risks of contacting diseases. It has been proven that people who use a diet based on plant parts have a lower body mass; lower blood pressure and cholesterol level, as well as lower rate of diabetes, colon cancer and heart diseases….

The Green Tea Diet
The Green Tea Diet has been used for thousands of years but its healing abilities have only recently been discovered. It can delay Alzheimer’s disease, fight the flu, reduce high blood pressure, protect the liver against toxins, boost the immune system and help you lose weight. This is how the diet works….

The GI Diet
Dr. Jenkins of the University of Toronto first introduced the GI Diet in 1981. Its main goal is to measure the time it takes your body to turn the food into the necessary amount of glucose. The diet works with a scale that ranks different types of foods according to the effect they bare on blood sugar levels….

The Detox Diet
The healthiest way to lose weight is by having lots of physical exercise while following a diet well balanced in means of the necessary nutrients for your body. It has been proven that eating fresh fruit, fresh vegetables together with drinking water are healthy for the organism….

The Grapefruit Diet Plan
The Grapefruit Diet is known to help dieters lose weight but some nutritionists believe that it is not nutritionally healthy and the lost weight will be gained back as soon as the dieter returns to their old eating habits. There are still those that managed to reduce their body weight by just adding grapefruit into their diet without any other change of their eating habits….

The Gluten Free Diet
The Gluten Free Diet offers great help to people suffering from Coeliac disease. Those diagnosed with the illness have an increased sensitivity to gluten thus affecting food absorption with repercussions that include weight loss and iron deficiencies. Studies have also shown that the diet can significantly decrease allergy symptoms with children….

The Paleolithic Diet
The Paleolithic Diet draws its name from the food items it includes. The diet encourages the use of animal and plant food products that formed the diet of the prehistoric man during the Old Stone Age, before the inventing of agriculture. The Paleolithic Diet advocates recommend avoiding the extensively prepared and processed foods that are now found in any modern kitchen….

The Low Calorie Diet
This diet restricts the daily intake of calories between 800 and 1300. The diet is supposed to help the body burn more of the stored fat, for its basic functions, by reducing the calories consumption. One of the things that you would probably be better off with when following this diet is a calorie counter to help keep track of the calorie numbers in the food included in your daily meals. You should include three main nutrient groups in your meals. This is where you will get your necessary amount of calories….

The Sugar Busters Diet
The Sugar Busters Diet encourages the elimination of food types that are highly processed and offers a very low nutrition level. These foods include most of the deserts and modern “junk” food in general. This diet’s practitioners sustain the idea that the sugar is a toxic element for the body and it is not based on a calories or any other nutrient….

The Weight Watchers Diet
The Weight Watchers Diet is not a diet that focuses on just one single dietary issue or by absolutely eliminating food types from your regular meals. The diet promotes eating the food groups and amounts that satisfy your calorie needs by using a counting system for every one of the food types….

The Zone Diet
The Zone Diet focuses on the intake of particular well-balanced type of foods on every meal for in order to achieve most efficiently weight loss and maintain high energetic levels. The foods included in the diet are those with a low glycemic index….

The Sommersizing Diet
The Sommersizing Diet teaches food combining by mixing different food types. The idea is to eat different types of food in order to achieve the desired health effects. The diet was first introduced by TV…

The South Beach Diet
The South Beach Diet helps practitioners prevent and fight heart problems and lose the unnecessary body weight. Unlike other diets, it does not eliminate carbohydrates completely from the meals. Instead, it divides nutrient groups is types like “good carbs” and “bad carbs” and the same thing with fats….

The Scarsdale Diet
The Scarsdale Diet follows the loss of weight through limiting the food intake to particular amounts of vegetables, protein sources and fruits. Natural appetite suppressants and artificial sweeteners are encouraged with this diet. There are three meals a day without any snacking in between but there is no calorie calculating….

The Lighter Life Diet
The diet combines the advantages of the very low calorie diet with counselling and involves replacing all normal food with bars, shakes, or soups. They alone should supply the organism with the daily-required content of minerals, vitamins, and necessary nutrients.