10 reasons you shouldn’t start a strict diet

Many strict diets advertise fabulous results with almost no effort at all and this achieved in a very short period of time. Nevertheless, things are not always what they appear to be and like all other miracles, there are some catches to it.

1. Temporary results.
It is almost always working just for as long as you stay on that specific diet or a short following period. Once you go back to your regular eating habits, chances are that the weight will just get back on.

2. The approach.
Losing weight in a healthy way and without the worry that it will come back as soon as you get off the diet is done in time and with much more than just restraining yourself from having one type of food or the other. The best diet should be a healthy lifestyle.

3. Lack of necessary nutrients.
Most diets emphasis on the importance of one food group or a specific type of nutrients and this is done by the expense of other very important components of a well balanced and healthy diet.

4. Starvation.
This is a big part of most strict diets. Letting aside the uncomfortable state that you will have to bare, there are some other major drawbacks that you need to consider. Depravation of food on prolonged periods of time will have a negative impact on your organism as well as affecting your state of mind.

5. Negative effects on your health.
These diets can affect the balance of the necessary nutrients and minerals that your body should get in order to function properly.

6. Bad state of mind.
The repercussions of a strict diet are not only physical. Think about how awful a day would be for you if you go to work or meet your friends and you are starving to death and you have to pay strict attention to what you are eating.

7. Increased attraction for the forbidden food groups.
You will, of course, want exactly the foods that you are not allowed to have and once you are off the diet, watch out!

8. The yo-yo effect.
This is one of the worst drawbacks of a strict diet. A person that goes on a diet that will lose weight during the diet and gain it back will tend to go back to that diet. These variations in the body mass are very harmful for the organism and can produce serious unbalances.

9. Negative effects on your social life.
The bad moods that come with a severe dieting plan and a physically uncomfortable state may seriously affect you, not to mention that having dinner or lunch with friends can be a nightmare if you can’t have what they are having.

10. It may backfire.
The results of your strict diet may very well be just the opposite of what you were aiming for. Prolonged starvation and eliminating different nutrients from your diet will get your body used to a smaller amount of calories and your metabolism will slow down. On a long term, this means that your body will be more likely to store larger quantities of fat.