10 reasons you should start working out

Exercise and fitness go hand in hand. You don’t have to be Mr. Universe to have a healthy body. All it takes is a few hours of your time to get some exercise that will in turn keep away illnesses, help you stay fit and avoid obesity. Here are a few reasons why you should start working out:

1. Good health.
It’s what all the doctors recommend. It is good for your muscles, bones and body organs. Remember that a perfectly healthy life is based on a well balanced diet and lots of exercise.

2. Better state of spirit
Whether you do it in the morning or in the afternoon, it will surely get your spirits up. Get rid of the daily stress and worries for a few hours a week and it will seem like a new world to you.

3. Less fatigue
Getting home from work just to crash on the couch in front of the TV will not help you get any rest. You will feel tired and in no mood for other activities. There is nothing like two hours in the gym to refresh your body and also your spirit.

4. Stay in shape
If you are a businessman, a busy mom or a house wife, it is always recommended that you find some time for yourself. It doesn’t take that much of your time and you will not have to see your body gain weight or lose your usual skills.

5. Lose weight
It is in the general opinion that the best way to lose weight is with exercise. Instead of taking up a severe diet that will keep you hungry for weeks and weaken your body, you can take up exercise and lose weight while improving your health.

6. A great way to start the day
It doesn’t have to be long hours at the gym. Just take a few laps around the block or some light indoor exercise or better yet you can take the bike to work. Anyway, you will scare away the sleep and begin the day fresh and full of life.

7. Release stress
After a log day at the office with clients and bosses harassing you, there is no better way, to relieve the stress that built up, like physical exercise. You will wake up in the morning with a completely new perspective on things.

8. Build muscles
Exercising your muscles to gain body mass will help you feel better about yourself, strengthen your body and metabolism, all this while looking great.

9. Fun
One of the most crucial things when you begin to workout is to find a sport or exercise that you will enjoy practicing, Just thinking of the long term results will not get you through many sessions if you really dislike what you are doing. The best way to go is to find something you enjoy and start having fun while improving your body and health.

10. Make new friends
Your workout may very well be a long walk in the park, or jogging in the morning. You can also start in some team sports or just challenge your colleagues to a match of tennis or football.